It wasn’t the day PREMA Theodore Racing expected at Spa-Francorchamps. Despite yesterday’s great qualifying performance, contacts hampered the team’s results in the first day of racing at the Belgian venue. In race 1, Ralf Aron made the most of his chances, scoring a third place and securing many valuable points for the championship. Unfortunately, the Estonian was sent spinning by one of his contenders in race 2 and had to retire while in the lead.

The team’s top finisher in the second race was Russian Robert Shwartzman, who brought home the fourth place after fighting for the podium. Not far from him, Marcus Armstrong secured sixth place at the end of a spectacular recovery after being involved in a first-lap melee that took out of contention Mick Schumacher and Guanyu Zhou. On the other hand, the German delivered an amazing recovery from P16 to P5 in race 1, while the Chinese racer was stopped by another contact.

Guanyu Zhou, Car #1
Combined Practice: P2 Fastest lap: 2:11.953
Qualifying 1: P4 Fastest lap: 2:13.351
Qualifying 2: P3 Fastest lap: 2:11.367
Qualifying 3: P1 Fastest lap: 2:11.651
Starting Position Race 1: P4 Race 1: DNF
Starting Position Race 2: P3 Race 2: DNF

“Definitely not our day. Ending up out of the race twice due to contact is obviously far from optimal, but this is racing and things can turn sideways pretty quickly. I will do my best to rebound in race 3 starting from the pole.”

Mick Schumacher, Car #4
Combined Practice: P9 Fastest lap: 2:12.206
Qualifying 1: P17 Fastest lap: 2:14.203
Qualifying 2: P1 Fastest lap: 2:10.199
Qualifying 3: P7 Fastest lap: 2:12.164
Starting Position Race 1:P17 Race 1: P4
Starting Position Race 2: P1 Race 2: DNF

“Obviously I’m disappointed about what happened in the second race. Starting from my maiden pole, having to retire due to a puncture following a contact with a team-mate obviously isn’t ideal. Now we re-start from this morning’s great recovery from P16 to fifth place. All we have to do is focus on tomorrow’s race 3.”

Ralf Aron, Car #7
Combined Practice: P10 Fastest lap: 2:12.215
Qualifying 1: P5 Fastest lap: 2:13.357
Qualifying 2: P2 Fastest lap: 2:11.179
Qualifying 3: P10 Fastest lap: 2:12.315
Starting Position Race 1: P5 Race 1: P3
Starting Position Race 2: P2 Race 2: DNF

“Race 1 was a bit hectic. I believe that I was a bit too cautious in the early stages. After the restart, I was able to move back up into third place. Then, I tried to close up to Jehan and Alex, but I was unable to do so without a slipstream. Instead, Enaam Ahmed was able to close up to me and we tangled in the battle. Therefore, I am pretty happy that I have made it to the finish in third place. In race 2 I was punted by another car while leading. Clearly, it is a tough break but there are still chances to take home some very valuable points tomorrow.”

Marcus Armstrong, Car #8
Combined Practice: P17 Fastest lap: 2:12.613
Qualifying 1: P2 Fastest lap: 2:12.993
Qualifying 2: P4 Fastest lap: 2:11.585
Qualifying 3: P2 Fastest lap: 2:11.822
Starting Position Race 1: P2 Race 1: DNF
Starting Position Race 2: P4 Race 2: P6

“It was definitely not an easy day. In race 1 I had to retire following to a contact, and in race 2 I was caught in a melee at the start. Still, I managed to fight back to P6 which is pretty ok.”

Robert Shwartzman, Car #10
Combined Practice: P11 Fastest lap: 2:12.332
Qualifying 1: P6 Fastest lap: 2:13.469
Qualifying 2: P8 Fastest lap: 2:11.100
Qualifying 3: P3 Fastest lap: 2:11.967
Starting Position Race 1: P6 Race 1: P5
Starting Position Race 2: P8 Race 2: P4

“It’s been a tough day as I’ve been experiencing some struggles in putting our full potential to fruition, but eventually I could fight my way to a fourth-place finish in race 2.”

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