At the invitation of Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A. (“SJM”), a group of students from the University of Macau visited the SJM Theodore Racing garage at the Macau Grand Prix paddock on 16 November, and received a warm welcome from Team Principal Mr. Teddy Yip, Jr.

The university students together with their teachers were offered a guided tour of the SJM Theodore Racing garage in the afternoon of 16 November. The event aims to enhance the knowledge of young people in motorsports, which involves a number of tasks such as teamwork, competition, communication and engineering. The students were all fascinated by the visit and felt very proud of being a part of this locally developed international sports event.

Speaking about the visit, Mr. Teddy Yip, Jr. said, “This is the fourth consecutive year that we join hands with SJM in welcoming local students to our garage. Here they can enjoy first-hand experience of this world famous sports event, which we hope will motivate more people to get involved with motorsport and the Macau Grand Prix in years to come, and share the responsibility of promoting Macau to the world.”

Apart from the students, winners of the “SJM Macau & Partners” Facebook game and their companions also enjoyed the opportunity of visiting the SJM Theodore Racing garage today. The fans were very excited to meet the champion team, and were deeply impressed by their team spirit and determination to strive for success.

SJM continues to be the title sponsor and official partner of the SJM Theodore Racing Team for the 64th Macau Grand Prix. This year the team also welcomes the return of ICBC (Macau) as the promotion partner.  

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