The Macau Grand Prix is one of the World’s most outstanding and challenging street venues. This dazzling event has hosted many of today’s most iconic racing figures including Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve and Rubens Barichello.

66th Macau Grand Prix Highlights
68th Macau GP
Date TBC
Circuito Da Guia
Race Length:
91.800 km
First Race:
Track Record:
Top Speed:
275 km/h
Theodore Wins:
Races Held:

Created by a small group of Macau residents, little did they know the Grand Prix would become the breeding ground for Formula 1 over the years. Known as ‘mighty Macau’ it is every young driver’s dream to add this blue riband event to their accolade of achievements.

Originally a sports car event started in 1954, before switching to an open-wheel Formula Libre event in 1961, the Macau Grand Prix is recognised around the globe for its extraordinary stories that it has created over the last six decades. By the early 1980's the event organisers decided the race would be held as a Formula Three feature race as the Formula Pacific became obsolete.

To this day competitors follow the original Guia circuit made up of two distinct sections, a fast outer section along the waterfront, featuring an ultra-long main straight that allows top speeds of 260km/h and a rollercoaster of slopes and corners that have a variation in altitude. Both features can rarely be found in other street circuits and as a result, the track is recognised as one of the most iconic layouts in the World.

Macau city hosted an estimated 20,000 people during its first ever Grand Prix in 1954 and now attracts an estimated 86,000 spectators every year, highlighting the status of this prestigious annual motor race has grown tremendously over the years.

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